3 days motorcycle challenge looking for places and routes.

Test organized by MWM in collaboration with several companies in Mallorca.

The motorcyclist must travel through Mallorca looking for all the mandatory Waypoints * with the means at his disposal making the minimum possible kilometers, will pass through several Control Points *, in addition to doing if he sees the Bonus Track * convenient, at the end of 3 days a Kilometer review will be done, placing in a classification.

Each month the motorcyclist who has made the lowest mileage will win a recognition prize, at the end of the year a classification will be made of all the bikers who have participated during the year and the winner will receive a champion title in addition to a surprise prize.

On the 1st day from the departure point you will receive a “passport”, you will be shown the mandatory Waypoints to be performed and the Bonus Track, until you reach the control point, when you arrive you will have to present the specific tests of the waypoints and the bonus tracks, you will find the next control point, more Waypoints and more bonus Track, so on, the day will end at a control point, with the information for the next day starting again until the end point reaches the 3rd day, everything will be reviewed there and the Client will enter the classification.

The biker will tour the island with the means at hand, it can be mobile, map, GPS, …

You cannot skip any traffic rules, you must not drive with the motorcycle stopped, nor can you drink alcohol or ingest drugs during the test.

Control Points: These are locations where the biker must go to show the waypoints and bonus tracks that have been made so far, to ask what will be the new places to visit and where mileage checks will be carried out.

Waypoint: Mandatory crossing points with a test in which the biker must take a test specified at the control point or exit point.

Bonus Track: These are extra points for non-mandatory tests that will allow you to subtract kilometers from the final classification.

Extra points Influencer: We have prepared some extra points for bikers who share their adventure at certain points, they will deduct kilometers from the final classification. You just have to tag us in your post or share it on your wall.

This test does not include any dangerous element or that can cause damage, it can be done with any motorcycle or scooter greater than 125cc, you can use your own motorcycle or rent one, it is an adventure to have fun with the motorcycle and not to compete in speed, in any In case aggressive, xenophobic, racial, sexual behaviors will be accepted …

Each person is responsible for each and every one of their acts and therefore agrees to comply with the law and norms of civic coexistence.


€ 90 Driver + € 20 Companion

Motorcycle rental not included in the price

Steps to follow:

1. Choose the motorcycle of your vacation
2. Choose date (3 days minimum rental)
3. Add the extra Biker Master

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